"A teacher is one who makes himself progressively unnecessary."

- Thomas Carruthers -



My Mission

Teach individuals to get stronger, healthier and self-sufficient through progressive, safe, and effective training by providing the highest quality of personal training and online programming.

Cornerstone Training System is designed to meet someone where ever they are at in the training spectrum and progress forward with the most effective dose. Whether you are completely detrained from years of inactivity and want to improve quality of life or a competitive athlete seeking to improve performance, this system is a culmination of resources designed to provide the most return on investment and give the tools for independence in training. There are three tenets of CTS.


Safe & Effective Movement

Proper abdominal bracing and compound movements that provide the largest return on investment of time and energy in the gym.


Results based Training

Stress/Recovery/Adaptation and a balanced application of peer reviewed literature. No "pseudo-profound" jargon or buzzwords, just what is tried and true: consistency and hard work.


Mindful of the Big Picture

Train as if you want to do it for the rest of your life. It needs to be enjoyable enough to adhere to consistently and yet effective enough to drive adaptation and yield results. 

The Vision

I want to make strength accessible to everyone.

Training for strength gives the largest return on investment. It trains 9 of the 10 aspects of measurable fitness (recent research would suggest all 10 of 10). This means as you get stronger, you will improve in every measurable way. Once you've reached a level of appropriate strength, you can maintain that strength very easily and devote energy wherever you like.

  • Who is going to lose fat faster? The person pushing a 75 lb sled or a 275 lb sled?
  • What is the least amount of work a marathon runner can do for the maximal tendon and ligament strength improvement as well as injury prevention via elimination of strength imbalances?
  • Who would benefit from learning to properly brace their abdominal wall?

I ask these rhetorical questions to point out that everyone can and should spend some portion of their week training for strength. I understand that strength is not the "end all be all" of training, but everyone would benefit from being "strong enough" to be better at whatever they want to do.