Mindful of the Big Picture


Training for a lifetime

My top priority is to put the client and their goal first.

That being said I will be open about my personal agenda: I want my clients training for life. There are a multitude of health benefits that come from strength training and they dissipate as you stop training. 

Once you've lost your 10 lbs of fat, achieved your marathon pace, or put on enough muscle to fill out your clothes in a good way, what will you do then

It is easy to get fixated on a specific goal. I want to help clients reach that goal, but instill a perspective of the long-game while getting there.  

3 hours a week. The average person with a 40 hour work week has 3 hours of free time per day, more if they don't have children. 

With 3 hours a week of consistent work, you can achieve and maintain your well being. I'm not promising it to be easy, but I am promising it to be manageable, simple, and effective.